Friday, November 20, 2009

Marathino Christiaan Ohlsson - missing 20-month old - since end October 2009

I have read about Marathino Christiaan Ohlsson who has gone missing [Cape Times, Friday 20 November 2009] but find it difficult to understand why a clear and precise description of the 20-month old toddler has not been widely circulated.

He was wearing ‘ a blue and red long-sleeved shirt and a pair of green, brown and black trousers’, but what
about what he looks like? What about distinguishing marks, such as a birthmark or his eye-colour, hair and size.

All families should have a file with a detailed description of their child[ren] at hand.

Photographs of [especially small children] should be taken at least every 6 weeks for the eventuality of the
child going missing. Fingerprints and DNA samples can be easily taken and stored correctly.

We don’t want to recognize the fact that the possibility exists that our children could disappear, but we need
to be pro-active.

With the help and permission of the Polly Klaas © Foundation in the States, we have made a Smart Kids’ Kit available which we are distributing free of charge to anyone who would like to keep information of their children at hand.

If anyone would like a Smart Kids’ Kit, they can contact Information Empowers! via email at or link onto

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